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About Us

I am a believer, football coach's wife, infertility warrior, mommy to an angel baby, Asa, and our pot-of-gold, the one and only Jax aka JMood aka Black Panther aka HULK SMASH aka Spiderman, basically he's all the Avengers rolled up into a toddler- who's witty sprinkled with a lot of  sarcasm, lover of soul and old school hip hop, photographer, consumed by all things wanderlust.  

As a coach's wife of 11 years I am all about the gameday outfits. Add a little mini and BAM!!... twinsies- he's going to have to tell me it's lame before we stop dressing alike. 

After figuring out it's a full-time job trying to find my GAMEDAY style- I started making homemade tees and tank tops to headbands and jewelry- there were tons of crafting fails but boy did I look festive for Gameday! Then I began daydreaming about the idea of starting an apparel business for myself and my fellow coaches' wives- but I wanted to make sure I created fresh designs that I would actually want to wear. The idea quickly escalated into an obsession and my ideas expanded far beyond gameday and here we are....

Reintroducing: Mixed Laundry Apparel- my take on designs specifically for coaches' wives & kids + cool moms, my ladies, kids styles and sports fans. I hope you find something that fits into your laundry basket. 





In our crib we celebrate Laundry Day every day- not like real real laundry...'cause we broke up years ago- yet, it keeps showing up every week without fail- but the stuff that fills my life's basket with purpose and meaning.


Mixed Laundry is a metaphor... you should always sort your laundry.


Thanks for reading.




Laun·​dry [lawn-dree] - the stuff and the people who add value to your life.

Mixed [mikst]·Laundry [lawn-dree]- life's metaphorical basket filled with all your stuff and your people.